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When Red Button Group and Global Technology Incubator (aka 'GTI') merged, we helped them articulate the potential of their partnership to the market.

Through a series of workshops with directors and leadership, we emerged with the name 'Quartile One' that not only meant something to the founders but that acted as a starting point for their storytelling.

Long story short, a 'Quartile One' business is one that has reached peak performance as illustrated on 'The Curve' – a data visualisation developed by analysing a whopping 85,000+ years worth of mining asset performance data... and the data shows that a business able to achieve 'Q1 Performance' typically leaves its competitors in its dust. By partnering with Quartile One a client is tapping into a data engine capable of giving their business what we coined "the leading edge."

Strategy locked in, we set about creating a look and feel inspired by data patterns and their unique ability to extract meaning from within. Our choice in typography, colour and pattern allowed the brand to carry a certain 'techy' aesthetic without going as far as to be alienating to their largely engineer-type audience. After all, the end goal outcome for their clients is certainty.

Within a year of launching the new brand, Quartile One were firmly in sights of global engineering firm Aurecon, and have since been acquired. Continuing under the Quartile One banner, the name continues to serve as a storytelling device that conveys the value of working with them.